Rare Vladimir Stroozer Collection

Kenya's largest orphanage for 500 children (HTN) is selling a rare Vladimir Stroozer five piece fine art collection. The collection was donated to HTN by its founder to raise money for the orphanage.

Stroozer is a Russian watercolor artist known the world over for the richness, depth and vivid colors of his watercolors. His Windows of the World series, inspired by time served in a soviet Russian prison (for opposing the communist regime) sold out in the mid nineties and the originals are highly prized.

Confined to a small space with no windows, undaunted, Stroozer imagined breathtaking views of famous cities and started painting windows to view the outside world. This collection includes two original prominent locals/cities commissioned in 1995 after the success of the Window series. Also, includes three signed and numbered framed prints. All pieces are gallery framed. They are 3 times larger than Stroozer's current work, and therefore rare. Because of the great effort it takes to create the larger, highly detailed canvases, for the last several years, Stroozer paints small canvases.